New film premiered at Sun Valley Film Fest

Running Wild Media created a new short film about the recent expedition to Africa to film with Safari Live and Nat Geo Wild.  The film was composed of shots from all over the Southern portion of the continent including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.

The film features footage of elephants, leopards, lions, zebra, dolphins and other iconic African species and is a reflection on the land that Africa has become as it relates to the modern world. 

Sun Valley Film Festival presented by Nat Geo Wild. 

Sun Valley, Idaho is nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and is rich in wildlife and outdoor activities.  This wild atmosphere is the perfect home for one of the wildest film festivals on earth. The Sun Valley Film Festival has a significant portion of films that belong to Nat Geo Wild and hosts an annual film competition called "Wild to Inspire." Each year, a winner is selected by Nat Geo Wild to go on a trip to Africa to film wildlife.  This is the trip Co-founder to Running Wild Media, Alex Goetz and Justin Grubb embarked on last November. 


Running Wild Media