Current Conservation Initiatives

Cooperation with Mission blue 

Following the release of "Rising Tide," a short film about the state of the reefs of the Meso-American reef system, we partnered with Mission Blue to create a call to action to generate funds for Mission Blue's "Hope Spot Initiative."  These "Hope Spots" afford a particular oceanic region protection by providing money to establish sanctuaries. Click to help support this initiative. 

Raising funds for el parque marino del pacifico

Running Wild is leading a campaign to raise funds for El Parque Marino Del Pacifico in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  This facility is a public education center, wildlife rehabilitation center and serves as scientific research laboratory.  Running Wild has supported this facility in the past by creating video content, working at the facility and by donating money. Click to learn how to help.

Snapping turtle copy.jpg


The crew worked closely with the Florida Wildlife Commission to help collect data on several large turtles in the Suwanee River.  These turtles were measured, weighed and identified to help understand the population dynamics of these ancient animals. 



Co-Founder Justin Grubb traveled to the Gunung Niut forest reserve to work with Yayasan Planet Indonesia (YPI) to create a film about the forest patrol units and the community members that help protect the forest. This region of the World has seen intense poaching and are losing species rapidly. YPI implemented SMART with their forest units to better track poaching in the area. The film will be used to recruit new rangers and community members. 



Running Wild Crew members helped cull dozens of lion fish from the reef in Utila, Honduras and assisted researchers in the dissection and gut content sampling of the fish.  Lion fish are invasive in the Caribbean and are native to the Indian and Pacific