Teaser footage from a recent expedition to the Marshall Islands with California Academy of Sciences


The Youth Ocean Conservation Summit is an amazing event that empowers young people to create their very own conservation project and gives them the means to carry out that project in their community.

Presented by Kodak Pixpro, Dive IN is an educational series used in classrooms around Honduras to give school children the opportunity to see the amazing ecosystem that exists around them, and why it is so important to preserve. This project is partially funded by an Arts Commission Accelerator Grant made possible through support from ProMedica, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and other generous supporters

We are currently working with Conservation Centers for Species Survival and partners to create a film about the history of the world’s rarest wolf: the American red wolf.


Produced for Nat Geo WILD - Justin Grubb and Alex Goetz spend five weeks living in a safari truck, road tripping around four amazing African countries filming wildlife.


Less than 100 Florida grasshopper sparrows exist in the wild and White Oak is establishing a cutting edge program to save these birds from extinction.


Series trailer for Season One of "Dive In." This series of 360 degree videos takes you under the surface to experience the underwater world like never before. 

Forest patrols work tirelessly around the clock to protect the incredible natural resources and biodiversity of Indonesia's Gunung Niut Nature Reserve. Using cutting edge technology and training, these patrols are SMART and are defending the forest from an array of threats.


The Running Wild crew met up with the National Park Service in Cape Hatteras National Seashore to film a sea turtle nest excavation. Sea turtle numbers in the past had dwindled, but they have recently seen an increase, possibly due to efforts to preserve the population in the past.


BKSDA Kalimantan Barat and Yayasan Planet Indonesia work to protect Cagar Alam Gunung Niut and one of the world's rarest inhabitants. Through dedicated research, protection and government partnerships, Gunung Niut is one of Indonesia's greatest forests.


Green Sea Turtles take full advantage of underwater car washes. Watch as Justin guides you off the coast of Hawaii to see this incredible phenomenon.

A land rich in natural resources and biodiversity is under threat from human encroachment, exploitation and the ever developing world. The true treasure of Borneo lies in it's dark forests, tall mountains, vibrant coasts and beautiful landscapes.