A short promotional video for GETLOST High Performance Outdoor Gear. All shot in Red River Gorge, KY, in the fall of 2013. 

The Youth Ocean Conservation Summit is an amazing event that empowers young people to create their very own conservation project and gives them the means to carry out that project in their community.

A quick video showcasing the simplicity of the build of the Alpine Hammock, as well as it's unique features.

Series trailer for Season One of "Dive In." This series of 360 degree videos takes you under the surface to experience the underwater world like never before. 


The Running Wild crew met up with the National Park Service in Cape Hatteras National Seashore to film a sea turtle nest excavation. Sea turtle numbers in the past had dwindled, but they have recently seen an increase, possibly due to efforts to preserve the population in the past.



Green Sea Turtles take full advantage of underwater car washes. Watch as Justin guides you off the coast of Hawaii to see this incredible phenomenon.


Blooper time! Watch as the Running Wild Crew continuously screws up their documentary in Costa Rica. Enjoy!