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We have the skills and expertise to tell your story. Whether it is through photo, video, educational outreach or full media and communication services, our experienced and dedicated team works to create the highest quality content for you.

WHO WE ARE: Running Wild Media has expertise in conservation biology, international travel and film-making. We have traveled the world, filming and creating content that tell stories of adventure, travel and conservation. Running Wild's passion for storytelling is immense and is truly what drives us.  We are a young, creative company, with multiple awards under our belt!

Justin Grubb

Justin has a B.Sc in Biology with a specialization in marine and aquatic science and a minor in environmental science from Bowling Green State University.  Justin has an extensive amount of experience in field research by working on numerous conservation initiatives around the world. Justin also has formal teaching experience which he draws from to create educational content pertainig to wildlife. Justin's passion for wildlife and education has involved him in documentary filmmaking. 

Alex Goetz

An accomplished documentary filmmaker and photographer who has been recognized by NatGeo Wild as a winner of their 2016 "Wild to Inspire" film competition for the short film "To the Explorers." An Ohio native whose extensive travels have taken him from the countryside of Tasmania, to Alaska, and the vibrant islands of the Caribbean. Alex is a recent grad from Bowling Green State University, with a degree in Film Production and Environmental Science.

Lucas Stall

Lucas' passion for the environment stems from his 11 years with the Boy Scouts of America. Preservation and respect for the environment is an important pillar of this organization, which he hopes to truly live by. Lucas holds extensive knowledge in public relations and communications by working with several nonprofit organizations, advertising agencies, and multimedia groups. Lucas is a 2015 graduate of Bowling Green State University, earning a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in political science.