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Running Wild Expeditions brings travelers to amazing places across the globe to get unique experiences viewing and working with wildlife. Each trip is guided by Running Wild Media guides who have years of experience working and traveling abroad and offer unparalleled insight into the natural world. Each trip will emphasize working at reputable research field stations or rehabilitation centers so participants can get a closer appreciation for local wildlife.   

On an expedition, one should expect to get cultural immersion, coaching in photography, unique wildlife experiences, an appreciation for local conservation issues, hands on volunteering experience, lifelong friendships and above all, an unforgettable adventure. Follow #runningwildexpeditions to see what others are doing.

Click on a tour below to see an itinerary or shoot us an email by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

HONDURAS - Spring 2020

Honduras is a diver's paradise and our trip is all about diving and exploring the ocean. Get face to face with sharks, sea turtles and some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Visit the beautiful islands of Roatan and Utila and participate in data collection and conserving the reefs. This sure will be a trip that memories will last a lifetime!

COSTA RICA - OCTOBER 11th - 20th 2019

Our Costa Rica trip gives you the opportunity to head out on a Running Wild Expedition.  Head out into the jungles to see 5% of the worlds biodiversity in our tour of parks around La Fortuna, Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio. Dive into waterfalls and zip through the canopy and fight your way through rapids. This is going to be a wild ride!


Indonesia - Fall 2020

Join us on a heart pounding adventure through the jungles of Indonesia to see temples, orangutans, komodo dragons, and manta rays. Explore the incredible food, unique culture and history in this Southeast Asia island nation. Come dive with us in the colorful coral reefs and experience a trip like never before.

Running Wild took us on an unbridled Costa Rica expedition; with their help we learned how to use our camera to its full potential, and we were able to capture epic wildlife moments that we would’ve never experienced on our own. Definitely going with them again when we’re ready for our next adventure!
— Dale Overholts III, Costa Rica 2018